Thai Food

Eating food with a fork and spoon is the modern way that Thai people have their food which is a very practical method to use for the type of unique dishes you will find on a menu in Thailand.

Spicy minced chicken salad

Spicy Minced Chicken Salad

Other varieties are the spicy beef salad. Chopped meat is fried with Thai spring onion and mixed with pan cooked cracked dry rice to give it a nice taste and texture. This is the real salad and how it is made in Thailand, not what many western restaurants serve mixed in lettuce.
Close up of Pad Thai Shrimps Thai popular menu

Prawn Pad Thai

This classic Thai dish is very popular. Flat noodles are stir fried in a Pad Thai sauce with prawns and traditionally garnished with crushed peanuts, bean sprouts and a wedge of lemon. Typical alternative options are seafood or pork.
Sour seafood soup or Tom Yum Seafood

Seafood Tom Yum

Sometimes made a bit sour to suit for local tastes but a very delicious soup made with galanga and lemon grass that infuses a wonderful taste to this dish which makes it very popular with everybody.
Crispy spring roll stuffed with prawns

Prawn Spring Rolls

Thai spring rolls served with a spicy sweet dipping sauce with chopped cucumber and chilli.
Curry Pork Spicy

Spicy Curry Pork

In a red curry coconut cream sauce.
curry soft crab

Soft Crab Curry

With Thai basil in a spicy coconut sauce.
deep fried shrimp cakes

Deep Fried Fish Cakes

Traditional fish cakes, not usually too spicy. Another popular variety is the prawn cakes. Often served as a  starter dish.
Extremely spicy Thai soup

Thai Soup

A soup made of meat, mushrooms, chilli, and other vegetables, in a clear broth which is a typical meal Thai people eat regularly. Very tasty, healthy and nutritious.
Fried insects as snack

Fried Insects

Mostly found as street food served by vendors from carts equipped with a gas burner stove. Fried crickets are a popular crunchy snack but other insects can also be on the menu.
Fried rice with shrimp and prawn on top in white plate

Prawn Fried Rice

Fried rice Thai style usually ordered as a side dish with a meal. Crab fried rice is also another popular variety.
Glutinous rice steamed in banana leaf

Sticky Rice

Glutinous (sticky rice) parcels wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. Often found with a middle of sweet red bean paste, banana or peanut.
Green curry chicken Thai cuisine

Green Curry Chicken

A hot and spicy green curry with chilli and Thai eggplant.
Oysters fried in egg batter served on iron hot plate

Oyster Omelette

Often on the menu as crispy oyster egg omelette. 
papaya salad with horse crab in plate against wood table

Papaya Salad

Extremely hot and spicy dish made with green papaya fruit shredded and pounded together with chilli and a pungent sauce and with raw crab peices that marinate in the sauce of this very popular dish with Thai people.
spicy spaghetti with seafood

Seafood Spaghetti Noodles

Thai style noodle dish of seafood with basil and chillies. Very delicious favorite meal popular with everyone.
Steam Squid with Spicy Chili and Lemon Sauce

Steamed Squid 

Served cold in a lemon and chilli sauce.
Stir fried fresh rice flour noodles with mixed meat and egg

Flat Rice Noodles

With flat rice noodles fried with egg and any type of meat.

Deep fried spring rollsSpring Rolls

Thai style spring rolls with vegetables and glass noodles (vermicilli bean thread). Served with spicy sweet chilli sauce dipping.
thailand pork sausage

Pork Sausage

Very tasty Thai style barbequed pork sausages. Often found on sale from street food vendors.
banana and pumpkin cake

Banana and Pumpkin Cakes

Topped with shredded coconut. These Thai style sweet cakes are very popular and healthy.
iced milk tea

Iced Thai Tea

Thai iced tea is distinctly different, very delicious and sweet. Other varieties are the iced coffee, with or without milk.
Pitaya juice

Pitaya Juice

Pitaya juice is a fruit that is pulped into a drink with a very unique and refreshing taste.
Closeup of Asian noodle seasoning set

Thai Seasoning

Always provided with a Thai meal are the pots of seasonings to add to any dish as required,... sugar, vinegar, and chilli flakes.