Nam Tok and Bridge Over River Kwae

Nam Tok and Bridge Over River Kwae
Bangkok to Nam Tok visiting Kanchanaburi and Bridge Over River Kwae
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2 Nakhon Pathom 
3 Kanchanaburi 
4 River Kwae Bridge 
5 Nam Tok 
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6 Nam TokSai Yok Noi
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To reach the Thonburi Train Station take an Express Boat or a Ferry Boat from Central Pier to Thonburi Train Pier (#11) on the west side of Chao Phraya river. You can walk 15 minutes (1km) to the train station or take a Tuk Tuk. You can reach Central Pier by taking the BTS train to Saphan Taksin station and walking west a short distance to the river. Ensure you take one of the boats that actually stop at Thonburi Train Pier, No Flag and Orange Flag boats. The Bangkok Transport Map has all the piers, trains and khlong boat routes.



Nakhon Pathom is known as Thailands oldest city and is well worth a visit to see the Great Chedi and other attractions.

Phra Pathom Chedi which is a huge 127 metre high Stupa and the largest in the world.
Sanam Chandra Palace surrounded by lush gardens, trees and lakes.
Museum of Human Imagery is a wax museum with a very stunning display of Thai history.
Woodland Museum and resort of wood carvings of Buddhist, Hindu and Christian artifacts
Jesada Car Museum of vintage cars and motorbikes.



The city of Kanchanaburi. There are 3 main attractions within the main city, but several more that require a trip in a Tuk Tuk or taxi.

Allied War Cemetery (Don Rak) is located opposite the train station and open daily.
Bridge over River Kwae near Mae Nam Kwae Road, north of the city center.
JEATH War Museum south from the Bridge over River Kwae on Pak Praek Road

Erawan National Park and Waterfall, and Sai Yok National Park and waterfall are located north of Kanchanaburi city and can be reached by car, taxi, public bus, or coach organized tour. If you want to see everything, then it is best to take a regular train from Bangkok and book a hotel or resort in Kanchanaburi city for 2 or 3 days.



River Kwae Bridge can be seen if you are staying in Kanchanaburi. The weekend and public holiday tourist train that originates from Bangkok Hualamphong station will stop at River Kwae Bridge station for 25 minutes. Regular train services pass over River Kwae Bridge on their way to Nam Tok.



Nam Tok is the terminus for regular daily trains from Bangkok. If you take the weekend and public holiday tourist train it will continue on a short distance to Sai Yok Noi waterfall.



At the end of the line is Sai Yok Noi (small) waterfall where you can go for a swim, nature trail walk, and buy lunch. The weekend tourist train return trip starts nearly 3 hours later at 14:25.
Sai Yok Yai (large) waterfall and Sai Yok National Park is a much larger tourist destination further up on highway 323. Several resorts and floating house boats provide accommodation. Hellfire Pass and the museum are also on the way to Sai Yok National park.



The weekend tourist train stops for 1 hour at Kanchanaburi when returning to Bangkok, then arriving at the main Hualamphong station at 19:25.
Regular trains return to Bangkok Thon Buri station. Getting into Bangkok main city area will require a boat or taxi service to get over the Chao Phraya river.



Regular Service 

Take the regular cheap train during the week from Thon Buri station which is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya river. This service stops at each station along the way for a few minutes. Purchase tickets at the station, bookings not required. Creating your own itinery over 2 or 3 days using the regular service you can visit Kanchanaburi, Hellfire Pass (by taxi or tour from Kanchanaburi), Nakon Pathom, River Kwai Bridge, Nam Tok, Wampo Viaduct. This service does not go onwards to Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi (Waterfall). See Kanchanaburi (3) for more details.
Thon Buri (Bangkok) to Nam Tok
257 07:50 12:35 4 hours  45 Minutes All
259 13:55 18:30 4 hours  35 minutes All
Nam Tok to Thon Buri (Bangkok)
260 05:20 10:25 5 hours  5 Minutes All
258 12:55 17:40 4 hours  45 minutes All

Tourist Service Weekends and Public Holidays

Bangkok City is on the east side where the Hua Lamphong train station is located which has a weekend and public holiday day trip tourist train.
This service stops for set times so tourists can get off and explore. Stops at at Nakon Pathom, River Kwai Bridge, over Wampo Viaduct, Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi (Waterfall), and Kanchanaburi on the return trip. You will need to purchase tickets well in advance from the train station.
Hua Lamphong (Bangkok) to Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi (Waterfall) and Return
TrainDepartReturnDay Trip DurationStops
909 6:30 19:25 12 hours 55 minutes 3 excursions