Places To Stay In Bangkok

khao san road

Khao San Road

Khao San road and surrounding streets are located on the north western side of Bangkok city.

Best known for shopping, cheap markets, food stalls, massage places,  and cheap places to stay. At night the streets turn into walking areas with bars and nightclubs, live music and entertainment.

Several famous attractions such as the Grand Palace are within walking distance. The Chayo Phraya river is close by where you can catch the tourist boat or any of the regular boat services on Phra Arthit pier.

map and pointerSee the Khao San Road tourist map for location of nearby attractions.

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Boat tour Chayao Phraya River Bangkok


Thonburi is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya river and away from the major districts of Bangkok city. There are many cheaper accommodation choices in this area and it does have some luxury high rise hotels along the river front with views to the city and surrounds. Here you can find what could be described as the real Bangkok where you can see how some of the locals live.

Klong canals disect the area and you can hire a public or private long boat tour where you can see local villages, markets and places to eat on the side of the canals. There are also floating markets but some can be more of a tourist trap than an attraction.

map and pointerSee the Thonburi tour map for locations of attractions.

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BTS skytrain Bangkok


Silom district is located on the southern part of Bangkok city and is a major financial district during the day and a tourist hub at night. Here you will find the infamous PatPong adult district with go-go bars and cheap market stalls.

There are also rooftop bars, many side alley markets, a Hindu temple, snake farm and the popular Lumpini park which has a lake and walkways.

map and pointerSee the Silom tour map for attractions.

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chinatown bangkok


Chinatown in Bangkok is in the Yaowarat district of Bangkok around Yaowarat road. Rachawongse tourist boat pier and Hualamphong MRT Subway are within walking distance.

The Chinatown area has many markets, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and  temples.

map and pointerSee the Yaowarat tourist map for the location of attractions in this district.

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giant swing bangkok


Many of Bangkok's famous attractions are in the Rattanakosin old city district located to the west of the city centre next to the Chao Phraya river.

Wat Pho, The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Saket and many more "must see" attractions are in this district.

map and pointerSee the Rattanakosin tourist map with  locations of attractions in this district of Bangkok.

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Pratunam open air garment market is huge and a popular attraction that should not be missed. In this inner city district you will also find some of Bangkok's tallest high rises with rooftop bars and restaurants. Pratunam is more of an up market area suitable for families.

There are also high end fashion malls, street markets, bazaars, factory outlets and many international restaurants.

map and pointerSee the Pratunam tour map for locations of attractions.

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nana plaza


Sukhumvit district in Bangkok is well known for its shopping all day and evening and at night it becomes alive with nightclubs, ladyboy shows, bars with dancing girls, hotels, restaurants, massage places and markets.

The adult night life is around Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy off Soi 23.

map and pointerSee the Sukhumvit tour map for attractions, where most of it is located on Sukhumvit road.

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Bangkok Shopping

Siam Shopping

In the Siam District of Bangkok you will find many large shopping complexes in close proximity to each other and very easy to reach by BTS Skytrain Siam station interchange.

Siam district is in the centre of Bangkok city for shopping and family entertainment.

map and pointerThe Siam Square tourist map has locations of these shopping malls.

  Central World via skywalk heading east.
  Siam Center via skybridge on northside.
  Siam Paragon via skybridge on northside.
  Siam Square via skybridge on southside.
  Siam Discovery next to Siam Center.
  MBK Center head west, then south around the corner on Phayathai Road.

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Katuchack Markets Bangkok

Chatuchack & Phaya Thai

Chatuchack district is a good choice if you are interested in cheap shopping and eating. A "must see" is the very popular Chatuchack Weekend Market (Also can be spelled Katuchack).

There are over 8,000 stalls and shops spread over 35 acres. Chatuchack is one of the northern districts of Bangkok city and at the end of the BTS Skytrain line at Mo Chit. There is also the MRT subway that has a Chatuchack station where you can walk out directly into the market.

Phaya Thai district starts from around the centre of Bangkok city where you find the busy shopping complexes and hotels up to the start of Chatuchack where there is the huge Wachirabenchathat Park.

map and pointerSee the BTS Skytrain line nearby attractions for Mo Chit station in Chatuchack that goes to Phaya Thai station in the city.

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informationSee the Things To Do In Bangkok for all the "must see" attractions. You may be also be interested in the Chao Phraya Famous Attractions Tour and the Bangkok Transport Hubs information with map locations. Get the Bangkok Transport Map with the skytrain routes, underground train subway and klong river boat piers.