Katuchack Weekend Market

Katuchack Weekend Market

Mo Chit Station Bangkok

Katuchack Weekend Market is the largest in Thailand which is a very busy weekend market located north of Bangkok city near the end of the BTS Skytrain line at Mo Chit. It is almost opposite Mo Chit station on Kamphaeng Phet Road. Take the overpass from Mo Chit station and down the steps on the other side of Kamphaeng Phet Road road. Walk a short way (5 minutes) south to reach the entry. You can also take the MRT train to Kamphaengpecth Station which is right next to the markets. Katuchack park is also very close and a relaxing place away from the jostling crowds.

Crammed full of small market stalls selling everything and anything.  You can spend an entire day browsing through all the plants, furniture, food, clothing, shoe stalls and a lot more. The entire market is open on Saturday and Sunday between 6am until 6pm. Friday has most of the stalls open. Wednesday and Thursday only the plants and flower stalls are open but you might find some others open.

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